2011 Anarchist Film Festival

This is the schedule for the 2011 Boston Anarchist Bookfair's film festival.



11am- 12:40 The Chicago Conspiracy     

This documentary addresses the legacy of the military dictatorship in Chile by sharing the story of combatant youth who were killed by the Pinochet regime as a backdrop to the history of the military dictatorship and current social conflict in the area. The larger story is wrapped around three shorter pieces, which explore the student movement, the history of neighborhoods that became centers of armed resistance against the dictatorship, and the indigenous Mapuche conflict. The filmmakers, militant film collective Subversive Action Films, question their relationship to the documentary, taking a position as combatants.


12:45pm- 1:15pm The Potentiality of Storming Heaven

A 28 minute short movie-presentation of the insurrection of December 2008 in Greece through the words and actions of people that took part in it. The video was created in Thessaloniki in January 2009 and its first presentation took place before an open discussion-review of the insurrection in the squatted public library of Ano Poli.


1:15pm-1:45pm The Lorax    

Long before saving the earth became a global concern, Dr. Seuss, speaking through his character the Lorax, warned against mindless progress and the danger it posed to the earth's natural beauty. 


2pm - 3:45pm Cointelpro 101

(film followed by talk by Nancy Murray of MA ACLU with a talk on "The FBI: From Cointelpro to Post 9/11 Repression")

COINTELPRO may not be a well-understood acronym, but its meaning and continuing impact are absolutely central to understanding the government’s wars and repression against progressive movements. COINTELPRO represents the state’s strategy to prevent movements and communities from overturning white supremacy and creating racial justice. COINTELPRO is both a formal program of the FBI and a term frequently used to describe a conspiracy among government agencies—local, state, and federal—to destroy movements for self-determination and liberation for Black, Brown, Asian, and Indigenous struggles, as well as mount an institutionalized attack against allies of these movements and other progressive organizations.
COINTELPRO 101 is a 56-minute educational film that will open the door to understanding this history.


3:45pm - 4:15pm Groundnoise and Static  

A video report on the protests that occurred in connection with the Democrat and Republican National Conventions, Ground Noise & Static is a manifesto. We went to Denver and St. Paul to take the pulse of the movement. Corporate media would cover the platitudes and posturing of the politicians, we were interested in something else, a story hidden in plain sight, captured in the now-classic street chant, “This is what democracy looks like.”

Ground Noise & Static is a joint effort of Franklin López of subMedia.TV andPepperSpray Productions. It is the direct result of a wonderful collaboration with many indymedia-style activists and journalists who all pitched in for the common good and success of their various efforts to tell their “Unconventional” stories.


4:30pm - 6:00pm If a Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front  

In December 2005, Daniel McGowan was arrested by Federal agents  in a nationwide sweep of radical environmentalists involved with the Earth Liberation Front-- a group the FBI has called America’s “number one domestic terrorism threat.” For years, the ELF—operating in separate anonymous cells without any central leadership—had  launched spectacular  arsons against dozens of  businesses they accused of destroying the environment:  timber companies, SUV dealerships, wild horse slaughterhouses, and a $12 million ski lodge at Vail, Colorado.  With  the arrest of  Daniel and  thirteen others, the government  had cracked  what was probably the largest ELF cell in America and brought down the group responsible for the very first ELF arsons in this country. IF A TREE FALLS: A STORY OF THE EARTH LIBERATION FRONT tells the remarkable story of the rise and fall of this ELF cell, by focusing on the transformation and radicalization of one of its members A documentary film by Academy Award Nominated filmmaker Marshall Curry. Winner of Documentary Editing Award at the Sundance Film Festival


6:00pm- 7pm Enraged 

"Enraged" follows a group of Jewish-Israeli activists who refuse to sit back while the occupation continues. They bring food into Palestinian villages under curfew, tear down parts of the separation barrier, and serve as human shields for Palestinian demonstrators. In Israel they are ostracized; in Palestine they endure a similar fate to that of the Palestinians—they are beaten, sprayed with tear-gas, and shot at with rubber-coated bullets. One such bullet hits one of the film's main characters, a 16 year old boy from Tel Aviv, in the head, permanently impairing his eyesight. The heroes of "Enraged" jolt viewers out of their passivity, forcing them to ask: what can I do to end the occupation? 



10am- 11:40 Capitalism is the Crisis  

The 2008 “financial crisis” in the United States was a systemic fraud in which the wealthy finance capitalists stole trillions of public dollars. No one was jailed for this crime, the largest theft of public money in history. Instead, the rich forced working people across the globe to pay for their “crisis” through punitive “austerity” programs that gutted public services and repealed workers’ rights. This documentary explains the nature of capitalist crisis, visits the protests against austerity measures, and recommends revolutionary paths for the future.


11:40am-1pm Born in Flames  

A 1983 documentary-style feminist science fiction film by Lizzie Borden that explores racism,classism, sexism and heterosexism in an alternative United States Socialist Democracy.

3:15- 5:00pm Better This World    

How did two boyhood friends from Midland, Texas wind up arrested on terrorism charges at the 2008 Republican National Convention? Better This World follows the journey of David McKay (22) and Bradley Crowder (23) from political neophytes to accused domestic terrorists with a particular focus on the relationship they develop with a radical activist mentor in the six months leading up to their arrests. A dramatic story of idealism, loyalty, crime and betrayal, Better This World goes to the heart of the War on Terror and its impact on civil liberties and political dissent in post-9/11 America.


5:00 - 6:00pm Maggots and Men    

A utopian re-visioning of the Kronstadt Uprising of 1921, featuring film history's first cast of over 100 transgender actors, paints a portrait of formerly pro-Soviet sailors at the Kronstadt naval garrison who rebelled against the perceived failures of the new Bolshevik state.


6pm - 7:40pm Un poquito de tanto verdad (a little bit of so much truth)    

In the summer of 2006, a broad-based, non-violent, popular uprising exploded in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Some compared it to the Paris Commune, while others called it the first Latin American revolution of the 21st century. But it was the people's use of the media that truly made history in Oaxaca. A 90-minute documentary, A Little Bit of So Much Truth captures the unprecedented media phenomenon that emerged when tens of thousands of school teachers, housewives, indigenous communities, health workers, farmers, and students took 14 radio stations and one TV station into their own hands, using them to organize, mobilize, and ultimately defend their grassroots struggle for social, cultural, and economic justice.