2017 Bookfair Press Release

Reading, Writing, and Revolution: Boston Anarchist Bookfair to Convene Hundreds from Across the Country

Join Us for a Weekend of Books, Art, and Workshops

November 11 - 12, 2017
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Boston University George Sherman Union
775 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA
Press Contact: bostonanarchistbookfair@gmail.com

BOSTON, MA — Join anarchists and community members for two days of learning and organizing for a better Boston and a better world. Against a backdrop of a Trump presidency and polls showing historic levels of disgust with both the government and capitalism, anarchists are building toward a world without politicians or billionaires.

The past year has also reinforced the importance of community self-defense from threat of white supremacists, fascists, and the police.

Boston is one of North America’s cradles of revolution. So it is fitting that people from all walks of life — from seasoned organizers to the politically curious — will come together at a time in which the ideas, methods, and tactics of anarchism are more important than ever.

Radical organizations and groups from across the country will be selling books, music, and art and sharing knowledge at this community event. Consistent with previous turnout, organizers of the Boston Anarchist Bookfair expect hundreds of attendees.

A partial list of the topics to be discussed at the Bookfair:

  • Anarchism
  • Antifa and organizing against fascists
  • Feminism and trans rights
  • Resistance to police violence & white supremacy
  • Digital security and mass surveillance
  • Student organizing and higher education
  • Labor organizing
  • Street medic training
  • Performance art
  • Writing and book publishing

For a full list of events and attending publishers & organizations, visit http://www.bostonanarchistbookfair.org.

Admission to the bookfair is free of charge. Child care will be provided.

The Boston Anarchist Bookfair is hosted and sponsored by the Center for Gender, Sexuality & Activism at Boston University.