Nov 11 – Nov 12

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming 2023 Boston Anarchist Bookfair, and we want you to be a part of this exciting event! Mark your calendars for Nov 11-12, as we gather at the Cambridge Community Center for a weekend of intellectual exploration, thought-provoking discussions, and community building.

Tablers: Immerse yourself in a world of diverse ideas and anarchist perspectives as we welcome tablers from across the country to the 2023 Boston Anarchist Bookfair. Our curated selection of tablers brings together publishers, organizations, independent creators, and activists. From thought-provoking literature and artwork to media that engages with contemporary anarchism, our tablers represent projects and collectives from across the country.

Virtual and In-Person Workshops: At the heart of the 2023 Boston Anarchist Bookfair lies our commitment to fostering knowledge-sharing and practical learning. We’re excited to present an engaging lineup of workshops that bridge the gap between theory and action. Whether you’re joining us in person or participating virtually, these workshops offer a unique opportunity to delve deeper into critical topics, gain practical skills, and engage in meaningful discussions with passionate speakers. Our workshops cover a diverse range of subjects, from dismantling oppressive systems and strategies for effective activism to exploring visions for a more just and equitable world. Stay tuned for our workshop schedule.


The tabling space is wheelchair accessible. The doors to the gym (main tabling space) opens to a paved area that is level to the sidewalk. There is a ramp from the tabling area to the classroom where workshops will be held, as well as wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. There is an alternative door leading into that hallways from the outside as well.