An anarchist bookfair is a dynamic gathering that embraces the principles of anarchism—a philosophy rooted in voluntary cooperation, mutual aid, and challenging hierarchical structures. It’s an exciting space where authors, publishers, activists, and individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to explore alternative perspectives, exchange ideas, and question conventional notions of power and authority.

A Rich History of Empowering Ideas:

The Boston Anarchist Bookfair boasts a legacy that traces back to its establishment in 2011. Evolving from it’s grassroots beginnings into a highly anticipated annual event, the bookfair has consistently served as an influential platform for disseminating ideas that challenge oppressive systems and inspire positive transformations. Central to the bookfair’s core values is an unwavering dedication to dismantling various forms of oppression, including white supremacy, fascism, colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy.

As we gather at the next Boston Anarchist Bookfair, we also take this opportunity to uplift and celebrate the tireless efforts of anarchists and activists worldwide who work in solidarity towards a shared vision of a more just and liberated world. From grassroots movements to community organizing, their persistent dedication has paved the way for positive change and inspired countless individuals to challenge oppressive systems. This bookfair serves as a nexus for fostering connections and collaborations, allowing us to learn from one another’s experiences and successes. By recognizing and supporting the ongoing work of anarchists in solidarity, we renew our commitment to collective action and the continued pursuit of social justice. Together, we stand united, knowing that our shared journey towards a more compassionate and equitable society is stronger when we support each other’s endeavors.

Informed by the principles of anarchism and wider leftist thought, the bookfair encourages the cultivation of radical imagination. Through collective dreaming, we aspire to craft a future characterized by voluntary cooperation, mutual aid, and equitable relationships. This aspirational vision serves as the groundwork for forging a more just and liberated world.

Looking forward to welcoming you to this year’s event!